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Plan Sponsors

How many sources would you have to google, service providers you have to call, lawyers you have to engage, plan administrators you would question , investment professionals to interview and random people to talk to in order to start, set up, build and run a 401k plan?

How many “helpers” would you have to hire to make sure your participants receive relevant, un-conflicted investment education which would help them be informed about and more engaged with that 401k Plan?

The correct answer to most of these is ONE.  US. 

  • We have product free participant education online 24/7. 
  • We have a “What is it” Guide on the details of 401k Plans that tells you what to use for your Plan demographics.
  •  We have a “How to” Guide that leads you through the steps to do to set up a Plan.  If you need something like a document, we give it to you.
  • We have a “Next” Guide that details what you need to know to run a Plan effectively.
  • We have a Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Guide that explains exactly what your responsibilities are.
  • We evaluate whether your are in compliance with those responsibilities, and if not, how you can correct that.
  • We have a “Helper” Guide that gives you the questions to ask in picking an investment advisor.
  • We have investment objective questionnaires, descriptions, Investment policy Statements.
  • We evaluate service providers and can suggest an unaffiliated one that fits your demographics if you need one.

If you want unbiased information that is current TODAY on 401k Plans, quality education for participants, the right Plan structure, correct documents and DOL compliant fiduciary evaluation, we’re all that you need, just Subscribe.subscribe