About Us

meet-our-teamToday’s investing and retirement world is adrift with plan sponsor confusion, underfunded retirement accounts, participants inadequately educated in investing and product pushers selling investments under the leaky umbrella of education.We have a mission to stop all that.

As resources Investors, Advisors and Plan Sponsors have news aggregators, expensive educational programs, promotional websites, canned Q & A articles, quizzes and even games, none of which lead them to a clear unbiased understanding of exactly what they should do. We aim to change that by being the one clear, concise source which will tell Sponsors, Trustees, Plan Participants, Individual Investors and Advisors exactly what to do. No, we are not financial planners, insurance agents, stock brokers or RIAs. We help them. They are our clients.

What you don’t get at https://somebodyelsesmoney.com/ is a lot of Industry lexicon or legal guidelines that start with basic assumptions that you already have a solid knowledge base. We will, however, give you that base, simply, concisely and it will be easy to understand.

We employ original works from over 40 years of educating investors, employee benefit plans and Advisors on their fiduciary responsibilities. We are engaging well known contributors who provide content on specific “How to…” topics. We are partnering with those who can enhance our expertise and complete our offering.

From a topical approach in a series of articles, to our courses or to our game changing collection of 60 eight page “How to…” Guides that you can follow like IKEA instructions, we lay it out for you. It is always current, constantly updated and we take and answer your priority concerns and questions. We promise we will not sell you an investment product or refer you to a vendor we get paid to refer. As we said: Unbiased. If we suggest a service provider you can be confident that they will be the higher quality, lower cost solution. Once we complete the build out we WILL be the preferred provider of Investor and Retirement Plan information.

What’s everything, well, for starters:

  • Plan design Plan Documents
  • Investment Policy statements
  • Investment objectives and questionnaires
  • Participant education that is more than Morningstar tear sheets fee analysis
  • Service Provider due diligence with unbiased comparisons, advantages and disadvantages
  • Questionnaires for interviewing Advisors or Investors
  • Financial Literacy courses Everything you need to know about Fiduciary (including that DOL rule nobody else understands)
  • Portfolio review methodologies e are Privately funded Industry experts with over 100 yrs in training Advisors, advising investors and crafting Retirement plans

We give you complete and current tools to use everyday Available 24/7, https://somebodyelsesmoney.com/ is a mobile friendly web site that uses responsive technology to provide educational information in a digital format for easy download and viewing. Our Blog: “The Ethical Treatment of…” gives current information and advice to Plan Sponsors, Participants and their Financial Advisors on building, maintaining a 401k or an IRA while complying with the DOL and ERISA Fiduciary principles. We start with the simple premise that the real definition of “fiduciary investing” is “The Ethical Treatment of Somebody Else’s Money.” A subscription gives you unlimited access to everything: archived webcasts, podcasts, white papers, blogs, radio interviews. and current information and guidelines from the regulators, service providers and industry experts. We can even offer you custom solutions to the most complex issues in today’s retirement plan questions. Our “Comprehensive Guide books” (like “The last book you will ever need to develop, manage and participate in a Retirement Plan”) are available in both digital and hard copy. Our online educational courses are presented in a methodology to enhance online learning (no talking heads).

You can try us out by viewing our public material and can become a subscriber as a member of one of our 4 channels.