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 We Research Your Advisor(s)!


We interview and evaluate any financial advisor you choose using SEC and FINRA filings and a phone call with them.  We give you a written  report as to the details, fees, ethics, investment strategies, and our opinion as to their suitability for you.


 We have been in search of the ethical Advisors.  We believe we have found an exceptional group who adhere to a set of standards unmatched in the industry.  You want to find your advisor here.  As we meet others who match our rigorous standards, we will add them to the Advisor Hall of Fame.


 As a corollary, you do not want to find your Advisor here.  He list those Advisors who have been charged, convicted or otherwise sentenced by Courts or regulators for defrauding their clients.  Names and Firms are on record (and now have a record).

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