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Whether you are a Trustee of an Employee Benefit Plan, Mutual Fund, Foundation, Endowment, college or any other entity, you have a duty to your beneficiaries, shareholders, or constituents.  That includes the duty of care and a fiduciary responsibility to those constituents.

Your Trustee lawyer may keep you updated at meetings about your legal duties, but where can you find unbiased, un-conflicted information on the business you’re a trustee of, or its current legal implications in a timely fashion?  From a service provider?  We think not.  We think the answer is here.

From legal news, rules, regulations in an easy to understand Guide to business- building industry advice and guidance how to navigate a thorny issue.  We have the education, training and up to date resources to keep you better qualified to take on the duties and liabilities of a Trustee.  Our information is either written by us in entirely and research is directly sourced from the original, like IRS or the DOL. 

Don’t settle for a product push or a news aggregator or even worse, mainstream media for your trustee-sensitive content.  Get it directly from us: THE  content  provider.  Don’t allow off the shelf templates for your documents, we give subscribers ours.

The Fiduciary responsibility of a Trustee is a serious matter.   In our series of Trustee Guides we detail your dates as a Trustee and how best to mitigate the liabilities you face being a Trustee.subscribe