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Financial Advisors

We provide EVERYTHING Financial Advisors need to build, develop, run and grow a business like:

  • The Legal and Regulatory requirements
  • How to structure your business
  • The resources and services you need
  • Portfolio Management techniques
  • Marketing direction
  • Sales strategies
  • Compliance requirements

PLUS All the documents you need from Compliance manuals, and client contracts to marketing and sales drafts, and BEST OF ALL…Referrals from real clients. See inside for details.

You can look at the news aggregators for articles from the magazine or mainstream media, but, seriously, they’re all sourcing the same things.  Our content is all original and primary sourced.  If we put out a new guideline from the SEC, we get it directly from the SEC, not some news rehash.  Our articles and Guides are produced by us, using some of our expert partners like Ron Surz on analysis and indices, Robyn Conti on Social media marketing, Ballard Spahr, Duane Morris and Stradley Ronon law firms on Legal Lines and John Lohr on everything fiduciary.

Our distinction is that you can ask up advice and get an answer.  We can help you in ways you previously would have had to search long and hard to find the solution.  Unlike a “news” regurgitator we’re business people with over 100 years of combined experience in the investment world.  We keep you updated on the most current topics and issues, direct from the source, as it happens, not at the end of the week, month or quarter.

Current Topics of interest

Everything you need to know and do to comply with the DOL Fiduciary rule.

Don’t run from it: Build your business as a Fiduciary:  Use our award-winning edition of The New Fiduciary Sale.

 Run your business efficiently with our 6 page Guide:  Building and Operating an Advisory Business.

 Master the consultative sale with Annuitize Your Business: Transition to Investment Consulting.

 100s more in our Advisor archive.

 Document Library

Use our document library for questionnaires, contracts, privacy policies, manuals, investment policy statements.  If what you’re looking for isn’t there, we’ll make it for you in 2 days.  All our documents are compliant with the new DOL Fiduciary Rule.

Referral Program

We periodically receive requests from investors looking for a financial advisor.  Our advisor subscribers are where we look.  If you fit the objectives of the investor, you will be given the contact.  Our 5 million investor readers average 52 years old, are executive or management and have average invest1ble assets of over $1.2 million.